Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

January 9, 2014

Bowles excited about Petrino coming to UofL

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — It’s been a hectic week for Hunter Bowles at the University of Louisville. In the midst of going through rehabilitation for major surgery, the former Glasgow High School football standout and his team have a new coach. The University of Louisville announced Thursday that Bobby Petrino has been hired to replace Charlie Strong at the helm of the Cardinals.

“I don’t know much about Coach Petrino as a coach. I have heard what everyone else has heard about him, but I am anxious to get to know him better, from a personal standpoint,” said Bowles. “As far as football goes, statistics don’t lie. He can put up a lot of points and he wins a lot of games. That’s what you want to do in football and you can’t argue with that.

“That off-the-field stuff doesn’t even cross my mind, to be honest with you. You come here to play football and that’s all that matters to me. I would be lying if I said I had an opinion on it.”

Bowles had a stunning high school career with the Scotties and entertained several scholarship offers before choosing to join Strong and the Cardinals at the University of Louisville. The talented tight end was redshirted his freshman campaign.

Bowles said he is ecstatic for Strong and his family as they begin their time at the University of Texas. He said he had a good relationship with his former coach.

“Coach Strong was always great to me, he’s one of the biggest reasons why I came to UofL,” said Bowles. “When I was going through what I was going through with the surgery, he and his wife came to visit me in the hospital. Mrs. Strong called my mom.

“I can never say a bad word about Coach Strong. He’s a great guy, he was there for me and my family. I am glad he’s getting the opportunity he’s getting and I am happy for them. I wish him nothing but success at Texas.”

Bowles had surgery last September after experiencing some debilitating pain in his back. After several doctors’ visits, it was determined he had a medical condition called Chiari malformation.

“The surgery went great. It was a life changing experience, I think is the best way of putting it,” Bowles explained.

“Right now, we’re almost five months after the surgery and I feel really good. I can tell a difference in my body. I feel a lot more athletic. I am not 100 percent right now and I look forward to seeing where I am at when I am 100 percent.

“I go back to get another MRI within two months, then they’re going to see how much the cyst has shrunk. We know, however, the cyst will never be completely gone. We knew that from the beginning. It will always be there. The whole reason behind the surgery was to deflate it and make it smaller. Hopefully, it has shrunk and we will just go from there.”

And whether or not Bowles will ever play again for the Cardinals is still up in the air.

“It depends on how things look and how I feel as to if I will play again. With the cyst still there, it is still risky,” Bowles said.

“But I am kind of at the point now if I do get to play again then I will be really happy. And if I don’t get to play then that’s what the man upstairs has for me.”