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November 26, 2011

School musicians recognized for ability



The following students were selected:

BARREN COUNTY: 40 students

• 11-12 Grade Band (13 students)

Ashton Sturgeon - first chair clarinet; Nathaniel Lowe - first chair tuba; Lukeus McCoy - second chair trombone; Cody Lyles - second chair snare drum; Brett Willis - second chair bassoon; Abby Rutledge - fourth chair French horn; Skyla Robbins - eighth chair French horn; Rebekah Thompson - seventh chair clarinet; Amberleigh Slinker - eighth chair clarinet; Alan Maestle - alternate timpani; Rebekah Lancaster - alternate alto saxophone; Ben Turner - alternate trombone; and Leah Thompson - alternate trumpet

• 9-10 Grade Band (19 students)

Kyle Fox - first chair trumpet; Dylan Montgomery - first chair tuba; Cameron Read - first chair timpani; Chase Stewart - first chair bassoon; Emilee Christian - second chair tuba; Matthew Ervin - second chair snare drum; Kelsi Kerney - second chair trombone; William Lidner - third chair euphonium; Justus Meek - third chair alto saxophone; John McGhee - third chair snare drum; Leah Willis - third chair French horn; Braxton Browning - fourth chair trumpet; Anthony Munroe - sixth chair French horn; Christian Madsen - sixth chair snare drum; Lee Wright - eighth chair French horn; Ryan Dugger - 10th chair trombone; Aubrey Tedder - 11th chair trumpet; Hannah Wright - alternate trombone; and Jessie Carver - alternate mallets

• 7-8 Grade Band (eight students)

Josh Doyle - first chair baritone saxophone; David Lancaster - first chair snare drum; Lane Myers - second chair trumpet; Tyler Jenkins - third chair snare drum; Emma Doyle - fourth chair clarinet; Maddie Blackford - fourth chair trombone; Heaven Wells - seventh chair trumpet; and Miranda Maestle - alternate trumpet

GLASGOW: 64 students

• 11-12 Grade Band (14 students)

Schaefer Olson – first alternate flute with recommendation; Kiera Mayes – second alternate flute with recommendation; Kayla Hall – flute recommendation; Adam Pennavaria – first alternate bassoon; Katelyn Rushing – 12th chair clarinet; Caitlyn Cook – 14th chair clarinet; Kaitlyn Hale – first alternate bass clarinet; Sydney Norman – alto saxophone recommendation; Justin Meredith – second chair trumpet with recommendation; Dakota Smith – seventh chair trumpet; Aaron Cambron – fifth chair French horn with recommendation; Griffin Botts – French horn recommendation; John Shadowen – first alternate trombone; and Simon McBride – tuba recommendation

• 9-10 Grade Band (23 students)

Kayla Hall – fourth chair flute; Tiffany Pritchard – eighth chair flute; Saki Yamamoto – second alternate flute; Ashleigh McBride – first chair oboe; Hailee Lopotosky – first alternate oboe; Jalasia Tobin – second chair bassoon; Trevor Edwards – first chair clarinet; Kelly Lynch - third chair clarinet; Emma Dickinson – 15th chair clarinet; Jessica McCorkle – 18th chair clarinet; Christopher Staples – second alternate clarinet; Catherine Elleman – first chair bass clarinet; Sydney Norman – first chair alto saxophone; Ashton Foushee – first alternate alto saxophone; Evan Bartley – first chair tenor saxophone; Noah Anderson - ninth chair trumpet; Dalton Goad – first alternate trumpet; Griffin Botts – first chair French horn; Jacob Cooper – fourth chair French horn; Dylan Martin – first alternate trombone; Taylor Workman – fourth chair euphonium; Corbein Barfield – second alternate euphonium; and Simon McBride – first alternate tuba

• 7-8 Grade Band (27 students)

Keely Largent – first chair flute; Alison Cambron – second chair clarinet; Emily Coleman – seventh chair clarinet; Bennett Pack – 10th chair clarinet; Lindsey Webb – 16th chair clarinet; Grayson Martin – 18th chair clarinet; Hunter Lindsey – first chair alto saxophone; Anna Kate Davidson – third chair alto saxophone; Parker Cassady – first alternate tenor saxophone; Clay York – second alternate tenor saxophone; Stefania D'Ettorre – first chair trumpet; Joshua Garrett – third chair trumpet; Reuben Tang – 11th chair trumpet; Abriana Page – first alternate trumpet; Chase Meador – second chair French horn; Wyatt Griffin – fourth chair French horn; Trenton Peyton – second chair trombone; Riley Fudge – fifth chair trombone; Tristan Mayhew – second alternate trombone; Dalton Jackson – fourth chair tuba; Conner Birge – fifth chair tuba; Chaz Proffitt – first alternate tuba; Jared Hall – second alternate snare drum; Jessica Garrison – first chair mallets; Brianna Brooks – third chair mallets; Kaleah Francis – first alternate mallets; and Austin Clark – second alternate mallets

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