Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

November 26, 2011

School musicians recognized for ability

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — Young musicians from the area can be proud of their performances after a large majority of them returned home with honors from a recent competition.

Two local school districts had approximately 100 students named to the 2011-12 Kentucky Music Educators Association’s (KMEA) All-District Band for the Third District in November.

Barren County and Glasgow Independent school systems sent about 140 musicians in grades 7 through 12 to Bowling Green on Nov. 12 and 19 to audition for the KMEA Third District Honors Band. Students from more than 50 schools in the district auditioned for positions in the prestigious group.

Each student was required to play two prepared pieces as well as sight read and demonstrate basic fundamentals on their respective instruments, according to Barren County band director Dr. Kip Crowder.

Barren County sent approximately 60 students to the auditions. Forty were named to the KMEA All-District bands.

“We took several first chair positions and are proud that we are among three schools (including Glasgow and Muhlenberg County) that place hold a vast majority of the actual positions in the AD bands,” Crowder said.

About 80 students from Glasgow Middle and High schools attended the district competition and more than 60 were recognized for their auditions during the previous two weekends, according to Corey Bonds, Glasgow’s band director.

“These students were selected on account of their high level of musicianship and technical abilities and they continue to work hard to achieve to their personal highest level,” Bonds said.

The first round of All-State auditions for high school juniors and seniors were also conducted on Nov. 12.  

Next on the schedule is the second round of auditions for All-State Band and All-State Orchestra winds and percussion, which will be Dec. 10, according to theā€ˆKMEA website.

“Approximately 15 of our students were recommended to try out for All-State on Dec. 10,” Crowder said.

Those high school students who were recommended for second round All-State auditions will travel to John Hardin High School in Elizabethtown on Dec. 10 to try for the All-State Band and Orchestra, according to Bonds. There is no All-State competition for middle school students.

All-State Band and All-State Orchestra will be in conjunction with the KMEA Conference in Louisville on Feb. 8 through 11.

“I expect to have five students, give or take, make the ensembles this year from GHS,” Bonds said.  

Students who win places in the All-District and All-State bands not only receive bragging rights for their accomplishments, but can be rewarded monetarily if they choose to continue in music after high school.

“Many times, students are able to receive full scholarships to many excellent colleges and universities to major in music and play their instrument in the bands,” Bonds said. “Most colleges even offer partial scholarships to students who just want to play in the band and not necessarily major in music.”

Both band directors praised their students who put in the additional time and effort to participate in the auditions.

“All students are equally congratulated for their efforts and extra time put forth to improve their musicianship. Simply going through the audition process takes courage,” Bonds said.

“I am very proud of all students who had the courage to audition,” echoed Crowder.

The following students were selected:

BARREN COUNTY: 40 students

• 11-12 Grade Band (13 students)

Ashton Sturgeon - first chair clarinet; Nathaniel Lowe - first chair tuba; Lukeus McCoy - second chair trombone; Cody Lyles - second chair snare drum; Brett Willis - second chair bassoon; Abby Rutledge - fourth chair French horn; Skyla Robbins - eighth chair French horn; Rebekah Thompson - seventh chair clarinet; Amberleigh Slinker - eighth chair clarinet; Alan Maestle - alternate timpani; Rebekah Lancaster - alternate alto saxophone; Ben Turner - alternate trombone; and Leah Thompson - alternate trumpet

• 9-10 Grade Band (19 students)

Kyle Fox - first chair trumpet; Dylan Montgomery - first chair tuba; Cameron Read - first chair timpani; Chase Stewart - first chair bassoon; Emilee Christian - second chair tuba; Matthew Ervin - second chair snare drum; Kelsi Kerney - second chair trombone; William Lidner - third chair euphonium; Justus Meek - third chair alto saxophone; John McGhee - third chair snare drum; Leah Willis - third chair French horn; Braxton Browning - fourth chair trumpet; Anthony Munroe - sixth chair French horn; Christian Madsen - sixth chair snare drum; Lee Wright - eighth chair French horn; Ryan Dugger - 10th chair trombone; Aubrey Tedder - 11th chair trumpet; Hannah Wright - alternate trombone; and Jessie Carver - alternate mallets

• 7-8 Grade Band (eight students)

Josh Doyle - first chair baritone saxophone; David Lancaster - first chair snare drum; Lane Myers - second chair trumpet; Tyler Jenkins - third chair snare drum; Emma Doyle - fourth chair clarinet; Maddie Blackford - fourth chair trombone; Heaven Wells - seventh chair trumpet; and Miranda Maestle - alternate trumpet

GLASGOW: 64 students

• 11-12 Grade Band (14 students)

Schaefer Olson – first alternate flute with recommendation; Kiera Mayes – second alternate flute with recommendation; Kayla Hall – flute recommendation; Adam Pennavaria – first alternate bassoon; Katelyn Rushing – 12th chair clarinet; Caitlyn Cook – 14th chair clarinet; Kaitlyn Hale – first alternate bass clarinet; Sydney Norman – alto saxophone recommendation; Justin Meredith – second chair trumpet with recommendation; Dakota Smith – seventh chair trumpet; Aaron Cambron – fifth chair French horn with recommendation; Griffin Botts – French horn recommendation; John Shadowen – first alternate trombone; and Simon McBride – tuba recommendation

• 9-10 Grade Band (23 students)

Kayla Hall – fourth chair flute; Tiffany Pritchard – eighth chair flute; Saki Yamamoto – second alternate flute; Ashleigh McBride – first chair oboe; Hailee Lopotosky – first alternate oboe; Jalasia Tobin – second chair bassoon; Trevor Edwards – first chair clarinet; Kelly Lynch - third chair clarinet; Emma Dickinson – 15th chair clarinet; Jessica McCorkle – 18th chair clarinet; Christopher Staples – second alternate clarinet; Catherine Elleman – first chair bass clarinet; Sydney Norman – first chair alto saxophone; Ashton Foushee – first alternate alto saxophone; Evan Bartley – first chair tenor saxophone; Noah Anderson - ninth chair trumpet; Dalton Goad – first alternate trumpet; Griffin Botts – first chair French horn; Jacob Cooper – fourth chair French horn; Dylan Martin – first alternate trombone; Taylor Workman – fourth chair euphonium; Corbein Barfield – second alternate euphonium; and Simon McBride – first alternate tuba

• 7-8 Grade Band (27 students)

Keely Largent – first chair flute; Alison Cambron – second chair clarinet; Emily Coleman – seventh chair clarinet; Bennett Pack – 10th chair clarinet; Lindsey Webb – 16th chair clarinet; Grayson Martin – 18th chair clarinet; Hunter Lindsey – first chair alto saxophone; Anna Kate Davidson – third chair alto saxophone; Parker Cassady – first alternate tenor saxophone; Clay York – second alternate tenor saxophone; Stefania D'Ettorre – first chair trumpet; Joshua Garrett – third chair trumpet; Reuben Tang – 11th chair trumpet; Abriana Page – first alternate trumpet; Chase Meador – second chair French horn; Wyatt Griffin – fourth chair French horn; Trenton Peyton – second chair trombone; Riley Fudge – fifth chair trombone; Tristan Mayhew – second alternate trombone; Dalton Jackson – fourth chair tuba; Conner Birge – fifth chair tuba; Chaz Proffitt – first alternate tuba; Jared Hall – second alternate snare drum; Jessica Garrison – first chair mallets; Brianna Brooks – third chair mallets; Kaleah Francis – first alternate mallets; and Austin Clark – second alternate mallets