Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY


September 15, 2011

Students say 'hola' to new class

GLASGOW — As students at South Green Elementary sat in class on a Wednesday afternoon, the sound of a rolling cart headed from one classroom to the next starts a new kind of excitement.

“If I’m running even a minute late they start asking where I am,” said Brooke Schreiner, on the move to another classroom.

Schreiner is the newest teacher at South Green and Highland elementaries, teaching a brand new Spanish program for all grades. She applied for a high school position with Glasgow but was recommended for the new Spanish position.

Since Schreiner does half-hour classes in different parts of the school, she rolls a cart with “Senora Schreiner” and “El Espanol” painted on the side.

School officials say students are excited to start the new Spanish program, the only in the district for elementary students.

Schreiner, who graduated from Western Kentucky University in May, will be working with third through fifth grades at South Green for the first nine weeks of the year before moving to Highland for the next nine weeks. After another nine weeks, she will come back to South Green to teach kindergarten through second grades.

“Every student from kindergarten to fifth grade will get to have this class,” said South Green principal Chad Muhlenkamp. “It’s really brought new life to the students, everyone has really embraced it.”

Now, students stop Schreiner in the hall to ask how to say certain words and show her what they are learning from her class.

The lesson changes since every class learns at a different rate, but with no grades, Schreiner measures skills with an objective and goal in mind.

“For example, in some classes you just want to get them to say their name and in others you could get to colors and shapes like we’re doing today,” Schreiner said. “It all just depends on the day.”

At the recent open house, parents expressed their excitement and support for the program, which is encouraging for Schreiner and the schools.

“It means kids are going home and telling their parents about it which is really good,” Schreiner said.

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