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September 28, 2011

Technology added at South Green

GLASGOW — A new reward system is getting started at South Green Elementary.

In working with the Barnes & Noble in Bowling Green, the school was able to purchase 25 Nook Colors to increase fluency in reading and give students a new way to learn through reading.

“There are so many benefits to having these,” said librarian Laura Johnson. “We’re getting technology in kid’s hands and for reluctant readers these work because you can’t see how many pages there are so they don’t get intimidated.”

The teachers, on the other hand, were a little intimidated by the e-readers, Johnson said. But after a training session with Barnes & Noble representatives, they are now excited to start using them.

The Nooks are not only good to increase reading, but also to add to the experience of reading through interactivity in some stories. Like easter eggs in some DVDs, an asterisk will appear in a picture book that can help the children learn additional things that they wouldn’t learn from just reading the paper version.

Not only do the students get to take an e-reader home with them after they reach a certain reading level, but they are also used in the classroom during teacher’s lessons.

“There are five Nooks to circulate between students, and the teachers have some to pass around for classes,” said principal Chad Muhlenkamp.

South Green was able to use Title I money to purchase the e-readers that stay in the library when not being used.  

To make parents feel better about bringing home the device, Muhlenkamp and the Barnes & Noble team made sure there were safety features on the e-readers so that students can’t access the Internet on the device while at home.

“We’re not sending a device home that parents have to worry about,’ Muhlenkamp said.

Some children have already tried the NOOKs and Johnson and Muhlenkamp have had good responses.

“I liked it,” said Matthew Polson, a student at South Green who loves to read already. “It’s really lightweight and it’s a different way to read. The animation is cool.”

Polson said he knew his friends would like having the e-readers.

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