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January 9, 2014

Resident wants CSX to create quiet zone

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — An effort is under way to prevent the trains from blowing their whistles as they travel through downtown Park City.

Resident Ric Skrovan presented city commissioners with a proposal this week that asks for the creation of a quiet zone.

“I called CSX and asked about a quiet zone. A quiet zone is just where they don’t blow their whistle when they cross over a crossing,” Skrovan said.

A bridge was built about a year ago over the railroad tracks on the west side of Park City.

Before the bridge, motorists crossed the train tracks at Mammoth Cave Avenue. That crossing has since been closed and is now a crosswalk over the tracks.

Skrovan told commissioners he understands the need to be safe at railroad crossings.

“If you see something that’s not safe, you’ve got to blow your horn,” he said.

But he also said he doesn’t think trains need to blow their whistles once they pass the crossing, which is equipped with gates, bells and lights that prevent pedestrians from crossing when a train is approaching.

“They don’t have to blow it for the crosswalk when you’ve got everything else there,” he said.

Commissioner Leon Higginbotham said the trains often blow their whistles more than once after passing the crossing.

“There’s no reason for them to blow after they cross here,” he said. “They do it almost every day almost up to the tunnel.”

Lyons said has received several complaints from residents.

“You always get complaints from the trains driving too fast to the noise that they make,” he said. “I’ve noticed, too, just as a personal observation, since the work has been done on (Interstate 65), it seems to make more noise a little father away. The sound just carries I guess.”

Lyons intends to write a letter to CSX officials reiterating the quiet zone request.

“After we get the letter written, we will present it to the commission before we send it,” he said.

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