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December 21, 2012

YOUR VIEWS: God has been left out of discussion

GLASGOW — This Sunday morning, Dec. 16, 2012, a nation mourns the horrid acts of a crazy man in Newtown, CT. Twenty beautiful, innocent children were slaughtered; 20 innocents that will never have a chance to reach their individual potential. I am sick and I am very sad this morning. The only relief I can find is that I am absolutely convinced that each of these tiny lives are in the arms of Christ Jesus this Sunday morning.

I’ve watched a lot of “talking heads” explain what needs to be done. They always cry out after evil walks through our world. The main themes are always the same gun control. But it is never good people shooting good people.

So our politicians cry out: Gun control; better mental health; safer schools, etc. But no one has the courage to address the real issues. Why? The more we limit God in our world, the more evil we can and will receive.

You don’t need to call the devil; he will always show up on his own.

And in all truth, no one will ever address the real truth.

In the 1950s, 1 in 100 Americans did not have some religious affiliation. Today it is 1 in 3.

There were many more abortions in America on Friday, Dec. 14,  than innocent children in Connecticut.

The President wishes to reduce tax deductions on charitable giving, i.e. churches.

Have you watched a TV show, been to a movie lately, purchased a video game? There are many more X-rated than G-rated.

We as a nation glorify violence. We as a nation kill little babies by the millions and call it a “woman’s right to choose.” We as a nation have abandoned God; not the other way around.

The President, Congress and the Supreme Court will argue and find some bandage in the near term. But bandages do not cure the cancer that is killing this nation.

There is only one cure; one response that can return security to America. We must return our nation to God … period. I sadly feel that we are too late.

You can’t complain when Satan shows up at the party with your personal invitation in his hand, and then wish he didn’t come.

We deserve exactly what we’re getting and I fear it’s only the beginning.

That’s reality!

Stephen L. Bryant


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