Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY


September 21, 2012

Romney comments ringing in 5th District

FRANKFORT — I’ve been having great fun with my Republican friends. I keep asking them if Mitt Romney is right and if President Barack Obama will carry Kentucky’s 5th Congressional District.

He won’t, of course. But by Romney’s logic he should.

The 5th District, represented by Republican Congressman Hal Rogers, has an awfully high percentage of folks Romney lumps into the “47 percent — those people will never vote for me.” His comments were caught on video during an unscripted speech to fundraisers in Florida.

The 5th also has a high percentage of people who depend on the federal government. Kentucky as a whole receives more federal aid than it pays in federal taxes. Rogers has become a hero in the 5th by bringing a lot of that aid back to his district.

Four years ago U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell campaigned against Democratic challenger Bruce Lunsford by reminding voters of his clout in Washington and his success at bringing federal aid back to the commonwealth.

Yet earlier this month both stood before a Chamber of Commerce audience in Somerset, home to Rogers and a Republican stronghold in the 5th District, and told them Obama was Europeanizing the country and government programs are out of control. The audience loved it.

McConnell has been talking for months about the “half of Americans” who pay no federal income taxes, long before Romney’s comments were captured on video. In Somerset he said “when more people are in the wagon than pulling it,” the wagon can’t travel very far.

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