Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY


September 7, 2012

Political game carries wrong outcome

GLASGOW — My mother calls and asks, “Did you hear (so-and-so) speak at (such-and-such) convention?” The standard answer is, “No. I don’t watch the conventions.”

Neither time nor inclination exist for me to sit in my basement, where the cable TV is, and watch four nights of very boring political infomercials. The daily routine is absorbed by work, transporting children, soccer fields, cross-country meets, finding lunch and/or dinner and other things. Everyone I know who is not already involved in politics has a similar routine. In the last two weeks, other than my mother, no one has asked me what I gleaned from any speech at either the Republican or Democratic convention.

When not involved in the above listed activities, I’ve been trying to finish a book that is a sociological study of the effects of entertainment on reality and vice versa. In essence, the thesis is history shows that the culture of acceptance in entertainment sways with influences applied by what is going on outside movies and TV, otherwise what might be said is happening in the “real world.”

What I hear in the political rhetoric about the “real world” is slogans and tropes designed to move and entertain.


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