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October 26, 2012

Scottie football approaches a milestone

GLASGOW — The Glasgow High School football program is approximately 10 wins from a historic milestone. This being before their game at Elizabethtown on Friday night.

By the total calculation, the Scottie program has won 588 games in 93 years of football. I’m not very good at math, so I could be off some wins. At their present winning pace and with most of this year’s team, which is 7-2 headed into the game against the Panthers, it’s reasonable to expect Glasgow to break the 600-win barrier next season.

Much of the history of Glasgow’s football program, including the yearly records of each team since 1919, were compiled in a book “Home of Champions” by Richard Tylicki when he was in high school. He did exhaustive research by digging through newspaper archives, some being those of the Glasgow Daily Times, old high school annuals and by picking the brains of former football players and coaches.

Probably, almost anything anyone would want to know about Scottie football through 1988 can be found in his book. He has stories about how Glasgow’s football team came to be called Scotties. (They had been called the Blue Warriors, according to Tylicki’s book.) It was then Glasgow Times reporter Malcolm Black who apparently first used Scotties to refer to the football players on the team in 1928. (The Times was a weekly newspaper in those day. It became a daily publication in the mid 1950s.)

Back to the 600-win milestone: According to research done last January, there were fewer than 100 programs nationwide that had 600 or more wins as of January, 2011. In 2009, the National Federation of State High School Associations published a book with records from nationwide on all high school sports. In the football section, there are 46 football programs listed under the “Wins. All-Time” section and the low-end of that count is 643. (There records are only through 2009. I don’t know why.)

There are six Kentucky schools on the list — Male, Fort Thomas Highlands, Mayfield, Paducah Tilghman, Danville and Owensboro.

The PDF found online with no attribution whatsoever, but presumably after the 2010 football season, states there were 90 programs nationwide with 600 or more wins. The date stamp on the document reads “01/01/11.”

By the time this season ends, there will likely be more than 100 programs with 600 wins, but that doesn’t diminish Glasgow’s accomplishment when it  comes. There are thousands of high schools nationwide that play football each year and to even continue to be a program long enough to reach 600 wins is impressive. The program has averaged a better than .500 record each season, and that’s proof Glasgow is a football town in a basketball state.

James Brown is editor of the Glasgow Daily Times. He can be contacted by e-mail at

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