Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

May 3, 2013

Natural beauty abounds at Natural Bridge SP

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — I have been to Natural Bridge State Park in eastern Kentucky numerous times, but I’ve not been there at the proper times.

What I mean, I’ve never been there when the dogwood trees or the redbud trees are in full bloom, or when the leaves of the trees are showcasing their autumn colors.

In the past, it is either raining when I have time to make the trip, or it is past the peak time to see such splendor.

So, I decided last week that if I was ever going to do it, last weekend was my opportunity.

I packed a picnic lunch, grabbed my camera and joined my family in a more than three-hour drive.

I’m out of shape, to say the least, so I opted to ride the chair lift instead of hiking one of the trails leading to the “bridge,” which is really a massive rock formation.

I’m terrified of heights, so riding the chair lift up the mountain to the “bridge” really isn’t all that fun for me. I can handle it as long as I keep my eyes closed, which I did — the whole way up.

I was so excited to get to the top and look at the view with hopes of seeing bright pink red bud trees in full bloom. I noticed they were bloom around the parking lot parameters, so I just assumed they would be in bloom at the top of the mountain.

I was wrong.

I took the short trail leading from the chair lift to the bridge and looked at the view to only see green — everywhere.

There were varying shades of green — dark, light and medium, but no bright pink. There were no red bud trees in bloom.

Needless to say, I was disappointed.

The view was still beautiful, but it wasn’t as picturesque as I had hoped. I still took several photos and you can find them on the front of today’s Around Town section.

If you’ve never been to Natural Bridge State Park, I suggest that you go. Not only is the drive there beautiful, but so is the view once you get there, even though it may be green and not bright pink.