Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

July 24, 2013

YOUR VIEW: Reporter relays important stories

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — Dear Editor,

On behalf of Sustainable Glasgow, The Bounty of the Barrens Farmers’ Market and all those who advocate for a more livable and sustainable community, I wish to express heartfelt praise and thanks to your departing reporter Amanda Loviza Vickery.

In our recent local climate of discord and destructive disagreement, Amanda has sought out positive stories of people who toil to husband the earth in a gentle and sustainable fashion to bring to our community wholesome, safe, healthy, local farm goods that are the envy of other communities. These unsung heroes simply wish to raise their families in an environment of peace and in balance with nature. I feel that she told those stories so eloquently because she believes in those principles.

Amanda has highlighted the work of citizens whose aim is to create a more engaging and sustainable living environment for those who choose to make this place their home. She has been a progressive advocate for this community. Her reporting has helped raise awareness of important issues that are critical to our security and economic viability.

Amanda’s writing on more high profile issues in our community and region has been insightful, informative, balanced and reliably engaging for the reader.

In her short time in Glasgow, Amanda has had a definite positive impact on our community. In her actions and her reportage she has raised the level and tone of our discourse. She has enlightened her readers on issues previously unexplored.

 We wish Amanda Godspeed in her travels and adventures. We are losing an extraordinary citizen and voice. Our loss is a gain for her next destination. Glasgow will miss her.


William J. Travis, M.D.

President, Sustainable Glasgow, Inc.