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May 2, 2014

YOUR VIEWS: Bevin deserves chance to replace McConnell in D.C.

McConnell no ‘work horse’ for Ky.

GLASGOW — Dear Editor,

It’s time Mitch McConnell came back to Kentucky to live under the laws he helped Harry Reid and Barack Obama pass! How did he acquire all that (over $25 million) money? I realize he has been in office for over 30 years, but on a government salary?

To cover up his vote for TARP, McConnell calls Matt Bevin a fraud. He calls Matt Bevin names but refuses to cut spending, voted numerous times to add to the debt ceiling and gave Obama a blank check instead of demanding cuts. Can you, in good faith, vote for McConnell instead of a young, smart man as Matt Bevin?

Matt Bevin has created jobs and employed people, met payrolls and he does it today. He is a businessman, soldier, husband, father and patriot. Give this young man a chance. He is the only Republican who can hold onto this seat so we can retire Harry Reid! Elect Matt Bevin.

Bernice Unrath


McConnell no ‘work horse’ for Ky.

Dear Editor,

Mitch doesn’t know horses.

A recent McConnell ad calls Mitch McConnell a “Work Horse for Kentucky.” Mitch is no “work horse.” Mitch is a “stubborn mule” that refuses to work across party lines to get things done.

It’s time to retire Mitch and put him out to pasture.

Terry Stahl

Bowling Green


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