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April 19, 2014

Doggy Bone Hunt coverage triggered memories of Easter

GLASGOW — Last weekend I was assigned to cover the Doggy Bone Hunt, an event benefitting the Barren River Animal Welfare Association that involved dogs and their owners hunting plastic Easter eggs at Weldon Park.

It was the first time I had covered this BRAWA event, and it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed seeing all the dogs dressed up in Easter bonnets. Some were even in frilly dresses.

When one of the organizers told the crowd to check the plastic eggs they had found for prizes, I giggled and thought to myself, “She’s talking about prize eggs.”

When I was a little girl, the words “prize egg” meant looking for the goose egg, which was quite a bit larger than a chicken egg.

Typically, there was only one “prize egg” or goose egg, and the person who found it got a prize. Sometimes the prize was money, usually only a dollar or two.

As a youngster, I thought finding the “prize egg” meant you had keen eyes suitable for being a great egg hunter, when in reality it just meant you went to the correct area of the churchyard and happened to stumble across it.  

Once, I found the “prize egg” at an Easter egg hunt our church had.

The “prize egg,” or goose egg, came from a farm owned by one of my grandmother’s friends.

 My prize for finding the egg was a bank shaped like a rabbit with faux fur on it that was the same color as a real rabbit.

I remember being tickled to death at receiving the faux fur rabbit. I took it home and displayed it on a shelf in my room, where it stayed for many years.

I’m not sure if I still have the faux fur rabbit. If I do, it is deep inside a box somewhere in storage.

Thinking about that Easter egg hunt and the faux fur rabbit has brought back several wonderful memories, including one of the lady who presented it to me.

That memory is a bit bittersweet, because she has since passed away, as has the lady from whom the goose egg came.

Still, it has been nice to travel back in time and reminisce. I’m glad I got to cover the Doggy Bone Hunt, because if I hadn’t I might not have thought about the “prize egg” or the people involved with that one particular Easter egg hunt so long ago.

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