Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

April 11, 2014

YOUR VIEW: Help appreciated during encounter with wild cat

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — Dear Editor,

I would like to publicly thank two unsung heroines who recently came to our rescue when we didn’t know where to turn.

On March 17, a very wild feral cat got into our house while we were away. He was the wildest little cat I ever saw. We opened the doors and tried to shoo him out but lost him. We assumed he went out since we didn’t see him anymore.

We were home all day Tuesday, never saw him at all until 9 p.m. that night. I went in the bedroom and he suddenly came out from under our bed and jumped up on the bookcase headboard. Dan decided to try to get a big towel over him and get him out. I was holding a sham across the headboard to block his escape, when he lunged and bit my finger. I dropped the pillow and he ran into our tiny bathroom. He climbed the walls and finally bit Dan on both hands and one arm badly. We went to Caverna Hospital, where they cleaned and treated us. It was after midnight when we got home.

I called animal control in Glasgow the next morning. Animal control called back and said the health department had already called them. They wanted the cat captured and kept to be sure it wasn’t rabid.

So, two brave ladies came over armed with a six-foot metal pole with a noose on the end, a glove lined with stainless steel that went from the tips of the fingers to the shoulder and an escape-proof cage. One first tried what I did – speaking softly and sweetly to the cat. She got the same result I did – growling, ears back, banging into the walls, etc. Finally, she came out with the noose around its neck and dropped it into the cage.

They said we would never have gotten that cat out of the house. They are my heroes!

We’d like to publicly thank these wonderful ladies, whose names we don’t know. They deserve much more gratitude than they got.

Mrs. Alice R. Lee

Cave City