Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

February 12, 2014

Agencies’ work during freeze was impressive

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — If current forecasts hold, we are finally – and mercifully – exiting an extended period of unusually frigid temperatures in southcentral Kentucky. For the better part of 2014, we have endured not only the discomfort of nearly constant subfreezing conditions, but also the danger that arises during such extreme thermometer dives.

In some areas around the southeast, such as Atlanta last month and Raleigh, N.C., on Wednesday, the devastating effects of the unseasonably intense winter have been sobering. Drivers were stranded in their cars overnight, children were forced to sleep at school, trees were destroyed, roadways were gridlocked and public works agencies were stretched to their limits and beyond.

In Glasgow and Barren County, however, most of us experienced little more than discomfort, thanks largely to the exceptional preparation and work of agencies such as the Glasgow Water Co., the Glasgow Electric Plant Board, South Central Rural Telephone Cooperative, Farmers Rural Electric Cooperative and area road crews and first responders. Problems were inevitable considering the conditions, and the area saw its share of burst water mains and power outages. But such issues were corrected quickly, and life in our community generally unfolded without interruption.

Utilities are vital but often taken for granted, noticed only when they are unavailable. That we made it through a weeks-long natural assault on our utility systems with relatively minimal disruption should be a point of pride not only for utility workers, but for the communities that support them.

While many of us huddled in our homes and workplaces for warmth, utility workers and emergency responders were out in the icy elements, making sure our lights stayed lit, our heat stayed hot and our roads remained drivable. For that, they deserve our thanks – and, we hope, a much calmer spring.