Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY


April 30, 2014

OUR VIEW: Try to temper expectations for fireworks

BOWLING GREEN — The city of Glasgow’s updated ordinance limiting the use of “consumer” class fireworks is an attempt to maintain a bit of the peace during the sometimes-raucous nights surrounding the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve. There’s nothing wrong with making the effort – especially in summer, the explosive revelry is a noisy, even frightening, nuisance.

We just hope residents, particularly those who pushed the Glasgow City Council to make these changes, don’t expect a miracle. Or, frankly, much of anything.

People will still shoot fireworks. Many will do it whenever they please, regardless of potential fines. And we don’t yet know how diligently the Glasgow Police Department will enforce the rule, anyway. Fireworks laws are common around the country. Some law enforcement agencies, especially in dry areas with heightened fire risk, patrol heavily for violators. But some agencies couldn’t care less about – or have better things to do than – chasing fireworks.

So, it’s important to keep in mind that the new ordinance, while well-intentioned, won’t necessarily change a thing. We hope it does, because there’s really no good reason to blow stuff up in the streets in the dead of night. But Americans have long had a strong affinity for celebratory explosives, and it’ll take more than a threatened citation to break that bond.

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