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March 7, 2014

An education in winter driving

GLASGOW — I have always said I don't like driving on ice. The mere thought of doing it freaks me out.

But this week, I learned something about myself. While I may not like driving on ice, I've come to be pretty good at it.

I am certainly not an experienced ice driver, but I did manage to make it into work each day following the winter storm that passed through the area.

The only problems I had was turning into the parking lot at work and into my driveway at the end of the day. I didn't slide, but I did spin my tires due to not having enough snow to gain traction when attempting to travel up an incline at both locations.

I have learned the only way to travel on ice is to move at a speed that can only be described as creeping, and to not hit the brakes all of a sudden.

Just because I have managed to get to and from work without crunching my car does not mean I want to drive on ice more than I already have.

I have to admit it is good knowing I have enough self confidence now that I don't feel like I must rely on others for transportation when roads are hazardous due to ice. I can drive on ice if I have to, but I would really rather not.

I am a Southern girl. I was meant to be in a warm climate and not in one that is cold, gloomy and snowy.

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