Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

March 1, 2013

Electric tape was key tool

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — My grandmother was rather handy.

She could fix just about anything.

She stored her “tools,” which consisted

of a small screwdriver, an assortment

of nuts, bolts, screws, nails of varying sizes

and a roll of black, electric tape, in a red

Christmas tin that she called her toolbox.

Of all the “tools” she had in the tin, the

electric tape got the most use. It was the precursor

to Duct tape in our family and was

used for many things from covering a rip in

naugahyde to sealing shut a cardboard box.

I walked through a local discount department

store the other day and couldn’t help to

notice that in the hardware section there was

a rack featuring several rolls of Duct tape.

What caught my eye was that the Duct

tape was not the typical dark gray color. Instead,

it came in animal prints, both tiger and

leopard, hot pink, bright yellow and other

patterns and colors.

Acouple of days later, I was shopping at

another store and found that it, too, had a

rack of Duct tape.After finding the rack of

Duct tape at the other store, I just had to see

what this store offered.

I also found this store carried Duct tape

that was available in bright colors and patterns.

It even had couple

of roles featuring a cartoon

drawings of a person.

Naturally, I had to

pick it up to see who

might be featured on the

roll. It was pop music star

Justin Bieber!Yes, I said

it. It was the Bieber!

I couldn’t help but to

wonder if Bieber’s image

would help sell Duct tape.

I wouldn’t think very

many of his fans would

have a need for Duct

tape, but I could be wrong. They may buy it

just because his image was on it and they had

the Bieber Fever.Who knows?

Celebrities who may have helped push the

sale of black, electric tape are those who appear

on the cable television show, “Gator

Boys,” which is about a group of men who

capture alligators that have wandered into

people’s backyards.

If you’ve ever watched the show, you’ll

see they always wrap the offending alligators’

snouts with black, electric tape to keep

them from taking off an arm, leg, head or

some other body part.

The way I see it, if black, electric tape is

strong enough to keep an alligator’s snout securely

closed, then it must be a pretty good


I doubt very seriously that it ever entered

my grandmother’s mind that she could also

use her black, electric tape to keep an alligator’s

snout closed.

But as I sit here and write this column, a

mental image of my grandmother in a polyester

dress and house slippers, with her hair

in curlers, sitting astride a large alligator’s

back and using black, electric tape to secure

its snout has entered my mind.

I’m certain if she were here, she probably

wouldn’t think that was very funny, but I do

and I’m happy to share that image with you.

So, the next time you go shopping for

Duct tape, consider black, electric tape.After

all, it is strong enough to tape an alligator’s

snout shut.

Gina Kinslow is a staff writer for the Glasgow

Daily Times. She can be contacted by email