Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY


August 31, 2012

Teach our children by example, please

CAVE CITY — I would like to say a few things about our county. Most of the people in it are good. We have people who still care and take their time thinking of others, which is a benefit that will help and show the younger generation that people still care about what they have for their future.

I live in a neighborhood that does not just have a day of caring. It is every day with them. It may be a small, county community, but we have the most caring and talented people anywhere.

We see the articles about all the bad things the grown children are doing and some people blame the parents for not raising those people right. You can do your best, sometimes it does not work and the ones who stand up and blame the parents may find out when their children are grown.

We are concerned about bullying in school, but what about older people being made fun off and stand before a group and tell jokes about how older people walk. They too will be old some day, but that is where our children get their ideals from, an adult they are supposed to look up to.


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