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July 27, 2012

Building will be gone, but not memories

GLASGOW — Well, the time has finally arrived. The wrecking ball will be knocking down the “old” Glasgow High School next week.

I can count myself among the thousands of students who spent a large part of their formative teenage years in the halls and classrooms of that building. My friends and I learned about life and all the possibilities an unknown future might hold for us while attending GHS.

I “fell in love for the first time” at least a half a dozen times in those hallways. Most of the time the objects of my affection had no clue I was even interested in them. (I was a shy, bookish, geeky kind of kid, you see.)

We were all so young and thought we were oh, so grown up. We were idealistic and naive, but the whole time spent there we were learning from each other about what it meant to be a part of the high school experience.

We did all the things high school students do — sat in the bleachers and watched hundreds of football games and basketball games and baseball games. We gossiped and teased and played practical jokes on each other. We ate lunch and had study hall in the cafeteria. We spent countless hours in classrooms taking notes and worrying over tests.

My best friend Patty and I also learned the sign language alphabet so we could talk to each other across the room while the teacher wasn’t looking. What can I say, one learns all kinds of skills in high school.


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