Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY


June 21, 2013

Momma rabbit makes a home in the front yard

GLASGOW — The other night, when I arrived home from work, I spied a rabbit in my front yard watching me as I watched her.

She was silhouetted by the glow from the street light.

While keeping a close eye on me as I walked from my car to the mailbox and then to my front door, she never once attempted to hop away.

As I walked past her, I kept wondering if she was the same rabbit who had constructed what I thought to be a nest in the middle of my front yard only a few weeks earlier.

It was nearly dusk, when I saw a rabbit furiously pulling young clover from one spot in the yard and taking it to another area where it seemed to form the clover into a nest-like shape. Next, she pulled taller grass around it, as if she were trying to conceal the clover nest.

I thought surely she was preparing to birth a litter of baby bunnies.

So, for nearly three weeks I didn't mow that section of the yard, fearing I would mangle the baby bunnies with the mower. And yes, the “nest” was in the middle of the yard.

After another three weeks and with no sign of any baby bunnies, I closed my eyes shut and mowed the “nest” down. What I found was a tiny little hole in the yard, leading me to believe there may have well been a “nest.”

Even after mowing it down, I continued to watch for signs of baby bunnies but have yet to find any. Although, I did spy one youthful-looking bunny in my backyard and wondered if it was one of the baby bunnies that may have been born in the front yard.

Whether the rabbit raised her baby bunnies in my front yard is still unknown, but I see the adult-sized rabbit quite often and keep from wondering if she is a watchful mother who is always on the alert trying to keep harm from falling to her young.

I Googled rabbits on the Internet in preparation for this column and discovered a YouTube video where a man also found a small hole in his yard. He tapped the edge of the hole with his finger and a baby bunny came out and climbed into his hand.

While I thought this was really cool, I doubt that I will try that in my own yard for fear my scent will cause the mother rabbit to abandon any young she may have hidden in the grass.

I admit I've grown quite fond of the rabbit and don't mind that she visits the yard late at night and probably early in the morning while I'm still asleep. It's nice to think she thought my yard was the perfect  place for raising her young. I think that's pretty cool.

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