Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY


February 14, 2014

Time for a break in the inaction

GLASGOW — Boy, if anyone in Kentucky deserves this three-day weekend, it’s our state lawmakers. After six weeks of such focused, productive legislating, we’re glad they finally get a chance to step away and relax on Presidents Day.

Yeah, right.

In the past, this newspaper has advocated for our legislators to spend more time in session. Now we’re wondering what the heck we were thinking. It’s an even-numbered year, so these folks are in Frankfort for 60 days. Friday was Day 28. So very little of substance has been achieved.

Perhaps most disappointing is that there’s really no solution. We could publish this entire editorial in all-caps boldface and lawmakers would shrug. You could call your elected officials’ offices and voice frustration, but nothing will change.

It increasingly seems that our political system is locked in perpetual campaign mode. So far, this session has leaned heavily toward do-nothing grandstanding and finger pointing, an affliction some observers believe will improve now that the filing deadline is history and as the session’s days begin to dwindle. We hope that’s the case, but forgive our skepticism. The deadline might have passed, sure, but it remains an election year. And in Frankfort, doing something inevitably results in upsetting someone.

Upsetting people, even when it’s good for the state, is low on any politician’s priority list these days.

Look, our complaints are not novel concepts. And our venting is, frankly, probably pointless.

Still, blowing off steam feels right sometimes, and this little break in the inaction seems as reasonable a moment as any to remind legislators that they’re not just wasting their own time, they’re wasting everyone’s time.

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