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February 14, 2014

Better late than never when tuning into Winter Olympics

GLASGOW — I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t tune in to the Olympics until Thursday night.

Those of you who know me well probably aren’t surprised, because you’ve heard me say countless times, “I don’t speak sports.” And that is true. I don’t speak sports, but I typically watch the Olympics and have since I was a little kid.

I remember taking a break from lip-syncing to a Jimmy McNichol song with my friend Rita from the sixth grade to watch the Olympics while hanging out at her house one day.

Anyway, it occurred to me earlier in the week that I had yet to watch the olympics this go round when chatting with Cave City resident Bertha Hogan before the start of the Cave City City Council meeting.

Bertha had been watching the olympics and shared with me she really enjoyed watching the ice skating.

I thought to myself, “Hmm, I used to like to watch ice skating.”

I was always fascinated how the skaters could do camel spins, scratch spins and triple toe loops.

So, on Thursday night, I tuned in to watch the men’s slopestyle skiing event, which is one of 12 new Olympic events and one that I found interesting. I have decided it is a mix of skateboarding, skiing and BMX bike tricks all rolled into one.

Each time the skiers flipped into the air from the ramps and over top the giant nesting doll, I caught a glimpse of the beautiful mountains in Sochi. That was pretty cool.

What I also saw, especially when it was Sweden’s Henrik Harlaut’s turn, was a flash of his bright blue bloomers when his ski pants slid down his backside.

I didn’t care for that view and would have much rather not seen it. Still, I thought he put on the best show, because as he flew through the air, his dreadlocks spiraled outward from underneath his helmet. He was the only skier that I saw who had dreadlocks.

I thought all of those competing in slopestyle skiing were pretty good, or at least I guess they were, since I know absolutely nothing about the sport. I only saw a couple skiers fall when they landed, so to me, they did rather well.

Aside from seeing Sochi’s mountains, watching Team USA’s Joss Christensen’s mom, Debbie, watch her son compete was also pretty cool, especially since Christensen came away with a gold medal in the event. His teammate, Gus Kenworthy, received the silver medal, and their teammate Nick Goepper got the bronze medal.

And for those of you who missed this event, Haralaut came in sixth place.

Now that I’ve watched one Olympic event, I’m ready to watch others, including other new olympic events as well as the ice skating.

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