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February 2, 2013

YOUR VIEWS: WKU-Glasgow has improved lives


GLASGOW — WKU-Glasgow offers complete educational path for children

Dear Editor,

Education has always been the career path for many of my family members. Two generations of my family have attended WKU, and received a degree in the field of education. My daughter will soon begin the third generation, thanks to the WKU-Glasgow Campus.

Twenty-five years ago I was serving as a teacher in the Monroe County School District. As president of the Monroe County Education Association, I was asked by my superintendent to attend a meeting in Glasgow. The meeting was about the possibility of a WKU satellite campus in Glasgow. I agreed to attend and support the efforts because I believed that a WKU-Glasgow Campus would be of great value to our teaching staff and Monroe County students.

I never dreamed about the role the new Glasgow campus would play in the educational attainment of my own children 25 years later.

I have a son and a daughter. They are only one year apart in age. When it came time to think about college, the WKU-Glasgow Campus became our answer. Both children could attend the Glasgow campus, receive their four-year degrees, and live at home.

My daughter graduated in December 2012, and my son will graduate in May 2013. Both children have received an excellent education at the WKU-Glasgow Campus. They have also formed lifelong friendships with their classmates and instructors.

Thanks to WKU-Glasgow for making dreams become reality.

Happy 25th Anniversary WKU Glasgow.

Cecilia Stephens


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