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February 2, 2013

YOUR VIEWS: WKU-Glasgow has improved lives

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GLASGOW — Dear Editor,

My WKU-Glasgow Campus story began in 1987. After graduating high school in 1986, I was feeling pressure to attend college by my parents. I was not sure that college was for me, so to pacify my parents I enrolled at WKU-Glasgow Campus in night classes. My first class was English 100. It was taught at the Mary Weldon Library in an upstairs classroom.

This experience did not seem so bad so I kept taking part-time night classes while working a day job. After a couple of changes in my major, I decided to go into nursing. In 1995, I was enrolled full-time at Bowling Green Technical College (formerly Glasgow School for Health Occupations) during the day and full-time at WKU-Glasgow Campus at night. I remember that Music Appreciation was one of my night classes at WKU. I attended this class after being at my nursing clinical all day. I was so tired and sleepy, but Mr. Hale played those classical music albums so loud that I had no problem staying awake.

I graduated with my LPN degree in 1996 from Bowling Green Technical College. I never missed a beat in continuing my education at WKU-Glasgow. In 1999, I completed my Associate in Nursing Degree from WKU-Glasgow Campus (at Liberty Street).

After taking a working break from my education, I decided to return to WKU in 2003 part-time to finish my bachelor’s degree in nursing. Since I lived and worked in Glasgow that is where I took my classes. It was so convenient for a full-time working RN. This time WKU-Glasgow had a new look; a brand new building.

Other things had changed too. My nursing classes were now being taught through ITV (interactive television). This meant that the professor was in Bowling Green, but I was in Glasgow seeing a live (slightly delayed and jerky) broadcast of my lecture. My professors could hear me through a microphone or telephone call if I had questions. This was incredible. I completed my bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2006. After obtaining this degree, I had been bitten by the education bug. I was not finished with my education and I wanted more.

I began teaching nursing at Bowling Green Technical College (where I had graduated with my LPN) in 2007. While teaching there I began to take classes toward a master’s in nursing education. Once again I was attending WKU-Glasgow Campus. My classes were now being taught through IVS (interactive video system). IVS was more advanced that the ITV of the past. IVS was real time with no delay; there were now multiple screens so that I was able to see the professor and the board at the same time. The audio was improved as well. This made acquiring my master’s degree and working full-time much easier. I graduated with my master’s degree in nursing education in 2009.

In 2009, I made another change; I became a faculty member of WKU-Glasgow Campus. I was teaching nursing at the institution where I had obtained my RN degree from. However, I was still not finished with my own education.

After graduating with my master’s degree, I immediately returned to WKU-Glasgow Campus for night classes toward my Post Graduate Certificate as a Family Nurse Practitioner. This was again broadcast from WKU-Bowling Green Campus via IVS to me at WKU-Glasgow Campus. I completed my Family Nurse Practitioner in 2011.

I now teach nursing online from WKU main campus in the RN to BSN program. I am currently enrolled in WKU’s first Doctorate of Nursing Practice program and I will graduate with my DNP in 2014. It turns out that WKU-Glasgow Campus has allowed me to become a lifelong learner and educator.

Remember that the way to an education has many roads; if you hit a bump or dead end, just make a turn and keep going.

Tonya Bragg-Underwood, MSN, APRN, CNE

Assistant Professor-WKU School of Nursing

WKU-Glasgow offers complete educational path for children

Dear Editor,

Education has always been the career path for many of my family members. Two generations of my family have attended WKU, and received a degree in the field of education. My daughter will soon begin the third generation, thanks to the WKU-Glasgow Campus.

Twenty-five years ago I was serving as a teacher in the Monroe County School District. As president of the Monroe County Education Association, I was asked by my superintendent to attend a meeting in Glasgow. The meeting was about the possibility of a WKU satellite campus in Glasgow. I agreed to attend and support the efforts because I believed that a WKU-Glasgow Campus would be of great value to our teaching staff and Monroe County students.

I never dreamed about the role the new Glasgow campus would play in the educational attainment of my own children 25 years later.

I have a son and a daughter. They are only one year apart in age. When it came time to think about college, the WKU-Glasgow Campus became our answer. Both children could attend the Glasgow campus, receive their four-year degrees, and live at home.

My daughter graduated in December 2012, and my son will graduate in May 2013. Both children have received an excellent education at the WKU-Glasgow Campus. They have also formed lifelong friendships with their classmates and instructors.

Thanks to WKU-Glasgow for making dreams become reality.

Happy 25th Anniversary WKU Glasgow.

Cecilia Stephens