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April 9, 2014

If possible, let’s avoid overlapping graduations

GLASGOW — We were happy to learn Wednesday that Barren County Schools chose to move Barren County High School’s graduation to May 30 in order to avoid conflicts May 29 with other area districts, including Glasgow Independent Schools.

We recognize that each school district must first consider the best interests of its own students and families when establishing key academic dates, and that sometimes conflicts between school systems are unavoidable. When viable alternatives exist, however – particularly regarding major milestones such as graduation – we believe it’s best for the community to be able to show its support for the achievements of young people from both districts.

May 29 still looks to be busy, though. In a rare quirk of academic calendars in a difficult scheduling year, the Glasgow, Metcalfe County and Caverna systems apparently all plan to hold graduation ceremonies that night. Eliminating the conflict between Glasgow and Barren County was important, but there are still several families in the area whose members might wish – or need – to attend multiple graduations. It would be a nice display of cooperative spirit if these districts considered staggering their graduations in an effort to prevent these families from having to make difficult choices.

The old saying goes that it takes a village to raise a child. Our communities help raise children who grow to wear all kinds of school colors, so we think it’s vital that everyone who wishes to support an area graduate has the opportunity to do so.

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