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November 9, 2012

First Lady shows right way to dress for economy

GLASGOW — Does anyone really care that First Lady Michelle Obama wore a dress on election night that she had worn twice before?

I saw an online article about it and my first thought was, “Who cares?!”

But after reading the article and chatting with friends about the issue, I’ve changed my mind. I do care.

The article stated the first lady’s decision to wear a fashion repeat was an economical choice and that she is all about restraint, which is a good thing considering the state of the nation’s economy.

One friend said the fact the first lady wore a dress she has previously worn shows she is in touch with reality. Another friend said she respects the first lady for her wardrobe choice.

 I agree and applaud the first lady for her decision. I think it would have reflected poorly on her for wearing a new dress that cost tons of money.

I have to admit that I probably would never have noticed on my own that the first lady was wearing a dress she had previously worn had I not seen the article. I’m not that fashion conscious.

I am glad someone took the time to point it out. It has given me a new found respect for her.

I’m not sure how much her husband listens to her when planning how he intends to spend taxpayers’ money, but it would be OK with me if he let her control the nation’s checkbook. Women pay more attention to detail than men and tend to be better money managers, I think.

However, I’m not sure how the Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner would feel about the first lady taking over national spending. He might take it personally.

Of course, no one pointed out whether the president was wearing a new suit or one he had worn in the past. I’m willing to bet, if the first lady had anything to do with his wardrobe choice, it wasn’t a new suit.

Now with that said, I also think the president and first lady should always look their best, because, after all, they are representing our country. We wouldn’t want them schlepping around in sweat pants and T-shirts that say “Git-R-Done!” would we?

Gina Kinslow is a staff writer for the Glasgow Daily Times. She can be contacted by e-mail at

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