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June 15, 2012

There are good things to see in our area

GLASGOW — On the way to work Friday morning, there was a young deer, a fox and a turkey. No, this is not a light bulb joke. (How many deer does it take to change a light bulb. It doesn’t matter how many you get, it can’t be done because they do not have opposable thumbs.)

The three members of local wildlife were in a field alongside a road within Glasgow’s city limits. When I sometimes say, “What a wild place we live,” some assume I’m talking about our colorful characters. Really, though, mean the wildlife that is literally classified as such.

The deer stood there in the morning light less than 10 feet from the roadside. It watched my car approach. I slowed to wave at the deer. It was unfriendly and dashed, white tail proudly standing, into a stand of trees.

A few more feet along, a fox was bounding through tall grass toward a clearing, where there was a turkey pecking about.

There just aren’t that many towns where the wildlife will watch as you creep by in your auto.

(Am I the only person who always has the urge to wave at deer that are standing beside the road. They have such friendly faces, it’s easy to imagine they would like to be greeted with a kind gesture. I’m not totally crazy. I realize if a deer is having a thought it is: “Run. That thing will kill.”)

It’s not just the deer and other furry (or feathered) animals that should make us all feel good about where we live.

I often see community members walking the sidewalks, or jogging, in the evening. Rampent crime is not a concern. That’s not to say crime is not an issue, but it does signify our citizens have no need to worry about being mugged or shot while walking or jogging down the street. We have plenty of nice sidewalks in the city limits where pedestrians can go peacefully along their way.

We also have law enforcement personnel who do their jobs in keeping the streets safe. Their presence is always welcome.

For those who complain about there being nothing to do in our fine city of 15,000 people, there is always something happening either in Glasgow or in the surrounding county each weekend. More often than not, there are more things to do than any one person can get to.

This weekend, for example, there has been a concert at the Plaza Theatre featuring a band, Exile, anyone my age will never forget, mostly because we were rollerskating fools in our youth and their music was popular in such establishments. Of course, at 8 or 9 years old, I really didn’t understand the lyrics.

Each Saturday during the summer there are such great things to do such as go to Bounty of the Barrens, or one of the other open-air markets in the area that specialize in allowing farmers and artisans to sell their wares on site.

Also, if you like to run in 5Ks and other such events, then there seems to be one nearly every weekend as well. This Saturday was the Run for Rover, which is a fundraiser for the Barren River Animal Welfare Association. There are many such events to chose from and some of the other types of festivals offer 5Ks as well.

Two of the best things that happen each year in Glasgow are on the Public Square — the annual Community Band Concert and the Fourth of July concert, which features an orchestra, usually from either Louisville or Nashville.

The Community Band concert was Thursday night in downtown Glasgow. It’s impressive to see the number of local individuals who are still so actively involved with their instruments that many people stop playing when they graduate high school. Not only that, they are very good at playing the instruments.

The Nashville Orchestra that will play on the square June 29 at 7 p.m. is considered to be a professional orchestra. They are fabulous and offer and outstanding array of movements that are appropriately patriotic for when the performance occurs. That event is something for which to look forward.

Beyond these things already mentioned, someone can always go for a leisurely drive in the beautiful countryside, or they can fish at Barren River Lake State Resort Park, or hike in Mammoth Cave National Park. There is so much here to be enjoyed each day and so many things to love.

James Brown is editor of the Glasgow Daily Times. He can be reached by e-mail at

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