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August 15, 2013

YOUR VIEWS: Glasgow’s signs need better care

Men must lead of their homes by the Bible

Special to the Daily Times
Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — Dear Editor,

Welcome to Glurassic Park.

Citizen taxpayers of Glasgow should be outraged at our elected officials for the continuous ugly appearance to the city’s welcome signs. The welcome sign on U.S. 31E south represents the worst example of the ‘dirty doormats’ of Glasgow.  

The neglect of these locations is not a new issue. I have spoken to our past mayors, council members and chamber presidents of these eyesores since 1992. Mayor Rhonda Riherd Trautman and various council members promised during their candidacy to work hard to make Glasgow better. We deserve a better city image. Leadership is failing us.

Recently a proposal has been considered in which the city would attempt to establish a separate Tourism Commission. How can we believe a new identity will take a serious look at what we have to offer travelers and friends? Disney Parks pride themselves for cleanliness and appearance. A city ordinance subjects property owners to fines for not keeping their lots mowed. Maybe it is time for the citizens of Glasgow to issue a citation to City Hall.

Sam Small


Men must lead of their homes by the Bible

Dear Editor,

It is our 41st anniversary. Yes, my wife has endeared me and endured me for 41 years. Congratulations, dear.

It an’t been easy all the time. There have been a lot of holes in the road. But guess what, we went around them or through them and sometimes stopped to fill them in with a lot of work on both our parts.

Divorce is the easy way out. Oh, how it grieves me that most people my age (soon 62) have been married various times.

I really believe it is the man’s fault. Do you agree, ladies? After all, according to the Bible, the man is the head of the home.

Somewhere in our heritage, some 50 years ago, we lost “stick-ability.” It permeates our society in many areas and especially where it really counts ... at home.

Marriage isn’t for sissies. It is a hard contract to fulfill. I love what Mrs. Graham supposedly said concerning her marriage to Evangelist Billy Graham. When asked if she ever considered divorce she retorted, “No, but I have considered murder.”

You don’t make it 10 years or 20 or 40 without having a lot of trials and troubles in a marriage. Pastors are just like other folks and maybe it is even a tougher row to hoe. You live in a fish bowl and you, your wife and your children are expected to be perfect. LOL!

Just a challenge to you married people out there … “Hangeth in there.” You will be glad you did. Men … man up. Be the spiritual leader of your home. Live according to the Bible under the direct leadership of Jesus Christ and fulfill your Christian duty to your wife and family. Be an example for them all to follow.

The standard has been lowered so much that a snake can crawl over it. God’s standard is much higher. Strive to raise the bar for your own family. Make it the Biblical standard. Love them with all your being. Provide for them. Don’t quit.

Charles M. Padgett