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November 6, 2012

ENDORSEMENT LETTERS: Circuit Court Clerk's race



Bryant better choice for circuit court clerk

Dear Editor,

I want to have lots of friends. Lots.

However, I don’t want “friends” in the courthouse. The courthouse is the place to receive justice. It should be the same for everyone, and no one should be able to count on a “friend” to gain influence in court.

I would hate for someone to have a “better” friend than I have so why take the chance of putting the incumbent, with her lifetime in politics, back in office. Vote out the “friendly” incumbent, and vote for Jill Bryant for Barren Circuit Clerk.


Lesa Mattingly


Fields will keep doing good job as court clerk

Dear Editor,

What most people want out of government is capability, honesty, and openness. At election time, it is each voter’s duty to look at the candidates and choose the person for each office who is most qualified to fill the position.

Krissie Coe Fields has the capability, the drive, and the interest, along with the education and advanced training, to fulfill the duties of Circuit Court Clerk. Fields is one of the few elected officials of whom I have never heard a complaint. Fields makes sure her staff is both friendly and efficient, and they are always accommodating.

Time for a change? Why change that which can’t possibly get better?

Sandi Joiner

Cave City

Fields’ experience sets her apart

Dear Editor,

It is interesting, to say the least, when hearing radio and television advertisements, that are in regards to the job performance of Krissie Coe Fields as Circuit Court Clerk, for the past six years.

It is obvious that whoever wrote the script for these advertisements have not done their homework well. They claim that Krissie takes credit for AOC mandates that were passed from Frankfort, but deny her credit for implementing them. They promise to be a full time employee, but didn’t report that Krissie has worked numerous hours beyond full time employment to serve the people of Barren County.

I have worked with all three courts (Circuit, District, and Family) during the time of Krissie’s term in office and have used other services of her office for businesses I have owned. I have always found her staff to be courteous, timely and professional whenever I needed services from them.

I would hate to see on Jan. 1, 2013, that we had voted in a candidate that has less knowledge and experience than anyone in the Office of Barren County Circuit Court Clerk. Then to have them be the supervisor of the office.

As Crit Luellen, past state auditor, stated last summer, “We need to keep people like Krissie in office.”

It is the only way to ensure that we can continue having the quality of services for the next six years.

Curtis Peil


Owner of P and C Enterprises and retired social service specialist with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services

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