Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY


November 6, 2012

ENDORSEMENT LETTERS: Circuit Court Clerk's race



Fields better qualified to be circuit court clerk

Dear Editor,

I, like a lot of you, have heard and seen the numerous radio, television, and newspaper advertisements that have been encouraging us to vote for one of the two candidates running for Barren County Circuit Clerk. I want to compliment Krissie Coe Fields on the positive campaign she has run. Fields' advertisements have listed the accomplishments that have occurred in the Clerk's Office the last six years under her leadership and asks you to consider her your “Friend In The Courthouse.” She mentions her father and the work ethic he had and that she learned from him, to work until the job is done. Krissie continues to say that “Experience Is Important.” Krissie has not run any advertisements that have attacked her opponent.

Jill Bryant's advertisements give the impression that Krissie isn't a full-time working clerk and that she, Jill, will do a better job. I don't know how someone can say they will do a better job than someone that is already doing a job when they have never done that job. I think it is laughable to say that Krissie is a “career politician” when Jill's family has been involved in politics in Barren County for many years. Her brother David Dickerson was elected Barren County Judge-Executive in 1994 and lost his re-election bid and another brother, Carl Dickerson, is serving his second term as Magistrate on the Barren County Fiscal Court.

I consider Jill Bryant's campaign to have a negative tone and uncalled for in a local race. I still don't know anything about Jill Bryant's qualifications to replace Krissie Coe Fields as our Circuit Court Clerk.

I simply ask voters to compare the qualifications and experience of the two candidates and make an informed decision. I have and I will be voting for Krissie Coe Fields.

Russell Caffee


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