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November 6, 2012

ENDORSEMENT LETTERS: Circuit Court Clerk's race

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Dear Editor,

The Presidential race has most of us concerned about the upcoming election. As I vote, (which I will for change in our highest office), it is because I believe in the person's character and their abilities to accomplish the duties of the specific office. Elections give us the opportunity to reinstate those who have honored us with a job well done or remove those who have not lived up to our expectations.

On a local level, if it's not broken, no need to fix it. As I look at the job Krissie Coe Fields has done as Circuit Court Clerk, I ask myself, “Why would we want to change when she is doing such a great job?”

Thank You,

Dale Smith



Fields' office is favorite to visit

Dear Editor,

My Dad is a Senior Judge and he works in a lot of different courthouses. He lets me go with him many times. Some of the Circuit Court Clerks, once they get to know me, have allowed me to help them. I enjoy this because I like to help people. Some of the clerks and deputies have taught me how to do certain jobs that assist them and their customers.

My favorite place to go is the Barren Circuit Clerk’s Office. I have been there many times to help. Krissie Coe Fields and the deputies are very friendly to me and do a great job of helping people. Krissie always works very hard, and several times I have seen her working after the courthouse has closed. I believe that Krissie Coe Fields is the best Circuit Court Clerk that I have ever seen.

Thank You,

Will Hurt


Time for change in circuit clerk’s office

Dear Editor,

It is laughable to see another lifelong politician talk about her “experience” as a reason to keep her in office.

Her kind of experience is exactly why we have runaway government in Washington and Frankfort.

We don't need that kind of experience anymore. It's time to throw ’em all out, starting with Krissie Coe Fields. Vote her out by voting for Jill Bryant.

Judy Buster


Fields better qualified to be circuit court clerk

Dear Editor,

I, like a lot of you, have heard and seen the numerous radio, television, and newspaper advertisements that have been encouraging us to vote for one of the two candidates running for Barren County Circuit Clerk. I want to compliment Krissie Coe Fields on the positive campaign she has run. Fields' advertisements have listed the accomplishments that have occurred in the Clerk's Office the last six years under her leadership and asks you to consider her your “Friend In The Courthouse.” She mentions her father and the work ethic he had and that she learned from him, to work until the job is done. Krissie continues to say that “Experience Is Important.” Krissie has not run any advertisements that have attacked her opponent.

Jill Bryant's advertisements give the impression that Krissie isn't a full-time working clerk and that she, Jill, will do a better job. I don't know how someone can say they will do a better job than someone that is already doing a job when they have never done that job. I think it is laughable to say that Krissie is a “career politician” when Jill's family has been involved in politics in Barren County for many years. Her brother David Dickerson was elected Barren County Judge-Executive in 1994 and lost his re-election bid and another brother, Carl Dickerson, is serving his second term as Magistrate on the Barren County Fiscal Court.

I consider Jill Bryant's campaign to have a negative tone and uncalled for in a local race. I still don't know anything about Jill Bryant's qualifications to replace Krissie Coe Fields as our Circuit Court Clerk.

I simply ask voters to compare the qualifications and experience of the two candidates and make an informed decision. I have and I will be voting for Krissie Coe Fields.

Russell Caffee


Bryant better choice for circuit court clerk

Dear Editor,

I want to have lots of friends. Lots.

However, I don’t want “friends” in the courthouse. The courthouse is the place to receive justice. It should be the same for everyone, and no one should be able to count on a “friend” to gain influence in court.

I would hate for someone to have a “better” friend than I have so why take the chance of putting the incumbent, with her lifetime in politics, back in office. Vote out the “friendly” incumbent, and vote for Jill Bryant for Barren Circuit Clerk.


Lesa Mattingly


Fields will keep doing good job as court clerk

Dear Editor,

What most people want out of government is capability, honesty, and openness. At election time, it is each voter’s duty to look at the candidates and choose the person for each office who is most qualified to fill the position.

Krissie Coe Fields has the capability, the drive, and the interest, along with the education and advanced training, to fulfill the duties of Circuit Court Clerk. Fields is one of the few elected officials of whom I have never heard a complaint. Fields makes sure her staff is both friendly and efficient, and they are always accommodating.

Time for a change? Why change that which can’t possibly get better?

Sandi Joiner

Cave City

Fields’ experience sets her apart

Dear Editor,

It is interesting, to say the least, when hearing radio and television advertisements, that are in regards to the job performance of Krissie Coe Fields as Circuit Court Clerk, for the past six years.

It is obvious that whoever wrote the script for these advertisements have not done their homework well. They claim that Krissie takes credit for AOC mandates that were passed from Frankfort, but deny her credit for implementing them. They promise to be a full time employee, but didn’t report that Krissie has worked numerous hours beyond full time employment to serve the people of Barren County.

I have worked with all three courts (Circuit, District, and Family) during the time of Krissie’s term in office and have used other services of her office for businesses I have owned. I have always found her staff to be courteous, timely and professional whenever I needed services from them.

I would hate to see on Jan. 1, 2013, that we had voted in a candidate that has less knowledge and experience than anyone in the Office of Barren County Circuit Court Clerk. Then to have them be the supervisor of the office.

As Crit Luellen, past state auditor, stated last summer, “We need to keep people like Krissie in office.”

It is the only way to ensure that we can continue having the quality of services for the next six years.

Curtis Peil


Owner of P and C Enterprises and retired social service specialist with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Fields should be re-elected clerk

Dear Editor,

This November I will have the opportunity to vote for the first time.

My grandfather is a veteran of World War II. I have been attending the Veterans Day dinners for as long as I can remember. These are the men who ensured us our right to vote. I have also attended more pancake breakfasts than you could count. I have seen many campaigns and met many potential candidates for election in our community, which makes me very excited to be able to finally participate in an election. I am hoping to convince more citizens to fulfill their obligation to vote.

One of the candidates I support fully is Krissie Coe Fields. Seeing her service in the Barren County Courthouse has inspired me. The efforts she has made as Barren County Circuit Court Clerk, a former member of Glasgow City Council, and within the community, church, and charitable organizations such as BRAWA, has shown me what dedication and hard work can accomplish.

As busy as Fields is with her own duties, she has still taken time out of her busy schedule more times than I could count to help me. As a young student interested in law and the duties of the courthouse, she has guided me and been a wonderful mentor. I will be forever grateful to her for the kindness she has shown me.

Remember to vote on Nov. 6 and please vote for Krissie Coe Fields for circuit clerk.

Natalie Shields