Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

November 9, 2012

Veterans found in family trees

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — Like so many people of my generation, I have two grandfathers who served during World War II. One was in the Army and the other in the Navy.

When the war ended, my fraternal granddad, Wesley James Brown Sr., left military life in favor of civilian work. He did several things, most notably he like to raise hunting dogs and he worked a stint as the chief of police in Columbia, Miss. The best photo I have of him is during his tenure as chief when one of his dogs would go to work with him. The local newspaper thought it made a great feature story, and I suppose it did.

I’m certain he did important work serving and protecting the citizens of the small town of approximately 6,000 residents.

My maternal grandfather, William Maurice Horton Sr., left the Navy after the war. He was a fireman on a submarine. He went to work for offshore companies, which took him to places around the world. He became a ship captain and that kept him away from home. In 1970, he gave up life on the water and settled down to own his own country store.

My grandfathers are indicative of so many men of their generation. They served their time to fight for the freedom of their children and their grandchildren. Some were asked to serve in war zones, such as Granddad Horton, while others provided support at home, as Granddad Brown did.

Meanwhile, their families sacrificed daily luxuries for the good of the war. They served in their own ways, some by working in factories, others by providing support to one another. There was a common cause that unified so many.

Veterans Day is a celebration of those who serve and for the families of those in military service.

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