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Kaleb Syra, 16, left, and his brother, Matthew Syra, 12, right, celebrate being adopted by the Syra family on Monday in front of the Barren County Courthouse.


GLASGOW — Two brothers from the Boys and Girls Club of Glasgow-Barren County were adopted by a Glasgow family on Monday at the Barren County Courthouse.

Kaleb Syra, 16, and his brother, Matthew Syra, 12, were adopted by Daniel and Misty Syra, of Glasgow.

Mary Lee England, executive director of the Boys and Girls Club, said she was very excited for the boys.

“It’s a great sense of joy to see two of our members receive such a blessing,” she said. “These two particular members have desired to have a loving home for years.”

England said the two brothers have been members of the Boys and Girls Club for three years, and that Kaleb is an ambassador for the club.

“They have been a blessing to us,” she said. “Their foster families have been a blessing to us and their new parents are a blessing to us.”

Harper Kelly, youth outreach and education director of Kentucky Youth Advocates, said Kaleb is in his second year as a member of the First Lady’s Youth Leadership Council.

Kelly said Kentucky First Lady Glenna Bevin was able to listen to youth and young adults who were either in or had been in foster care or kinship care at a luncheon a couple years ago in Frankfort.

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From left, brothers Matthew Syra, 12, and Kaleb Syra, 16, stand next to their new parents, Misty and Daniel Syra, on Monday at the Barren County Courthouse.

“(Bevin) realized that she really wanted to hear the voices of the youth, not just the adults who are advocating for them,” Kelly said. “She asked Kentucky Youth Advocates if we would help organize that.”

Kelly said KYA works with this group of youth leaders, teaching them “how to advocate for issues within the child welfare system, for children who are abused or neglected.”

“(Kaleb) came to us very fresh and very green, and has actually become one of our most outspoken members of the council,” Kelly said, adding that the council consists of kids from across the state.

Kelly said adoption provides kids with stability, family and consistency, “knowing that they are solid where they are and they don’t have to worry about who’s going to love them, who’s going to take care of them.”

“(Kaleb) has been talking about this adoption since literally this time last year,” Kelly said, adding that he discussed it with the youth leadership council. “He was ready to be adopted.

“His growth and his confidence has been unbelievable.”

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From left, Misty Syra, Kaleb Syra, Daniel Syra and Matthew Syra embrace each other after Misty and Daniel adopted Kaleb and Matthew on Monday at the Barren County Courthouse.

Kaleb and Matthew’s new father, Daniel, said he is glad the adoption process is over and that he’s “ready to get a fresh start for the boys.”

Misty said she is “really excited” for the two boys to be a part of their family.

“It feels amazing,” she said. “We’ve waited for a long time and the wait was worth it. It means a lot to know we’ve made a difference in their lives. I’ve seen a major change in them. They show us love, and we show them love.

“They make us complete.”

During their adoption hearing on Monday at the Barren County Courthouse Family Court, Matthew said he and his brother have been in foster care for most of their lives, adding that they finally have a home.

Kaleb said Misty and Daniel “truly know what love is.”

“Unconditional love,” Kaleb said. “That’s what they show us every day.”

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