Clyde Martin (with flag) watches Jackson Maples and other young golfers on the No. 9 hole at the Glasgow Golf and Country Club in 2017. Martin is a mentor for youngsters in the Tee to Green program.


GLASGOW — The Glasgow Golf and Country Club's board of directors voted earlier this week to make the golf course semi-private, meaning the club's board of directors now allows the public to play golf for a fee without being a member of the club. 

Spencer Botts, a member of the club's board of directors, said he wasn't sure what was behind the decision to make the golf course semi-private other than a lack of membership and a lack of play.

“We're just trying to get it to where it's more affordable and available to the community so they can enjoy the facility like we have over the years,” he said.

Patrick Gaunce, a member of the club and of the Glasgow City Council, supports the idea for the golf course going semi-private.

“The golf course business is a tough business and I don't think Glasgow, at this point, has enough people to keep the club private,” he said.

Gaunce continued that he thinks with the golf course going semi-private youth and even adults who have not had the opportunity in the past to learn the game of golf may feel more compelled to do so now that they don't have to be a member of the club to play.

Glasgow High School's golf teams practice at the club and host tournaments there against other area schools.

Michael Burgan, who coaches the boys golf team for GHS, said he doesn't see the changes made by the club's board of directors having any affect on his team.

“Our membership with the club is for golf season and golf season only,” he said, adding that if any of the team's members wants to practice at the club during golf season then they can do so, but that would be the only time that they could use the golf course at the club. “That's the membership that we have.”

Barren County High School's golf teams practice and play at Barren River Lake State Park and at Fox Hollow Golf Club.

“I don't know how that would affect us in the future, but I would hope it would affect us in a positive way,” said Duane Withrow, who coaches the girls' golf team for BCHS.

The cost to play a round of golf at the club for non-members is now $30 Monday through Friday and $40 during the weekend.

The club is currently doing a membership drive. There is a one-time activation fee of $300, which grants a member use of the all of the club's facilities, plus a membership fee of $130 per month.