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January 13, 2010

$80,000 in pot found in Park City home

PARK CITY — An estimated $80,000 worth of marijuana was found in a Park City residence Tuesday night.

Barren-Edmonson County Drug Task Force detectives responded to a house on Louisville Road after receiving a complaint of possible marijuana growth. They waited for the suspect at the house, and he tried to drive away before being caught by an Edmonson County sheriff’s deputy. A pipe was found in his pocket, and task force detectives obtained a search warrant after he stated that he might have marijuana in his house.

Detectives found an elaborate pod system with running water, heat lamps and air circulation, along with 80 plants with an estimated value of between $1,000 and $1,500 per plant when mature. The plants were still not fully grown but the indoor growth method increases their value, according to detectives.

“Any time it’s an indoor grow it’s concerning because it’s hard to tell how much could be grown,” said Jeff Scruggs, director of the task force. “We don’t know exactly how much at this point, but this was a significant amount.”

Scruggs said it was also clear the subject had enough knowledge for this to be a bigger-scale operation than just a few plants in the backyard.

The suspect was arrested on the drug paraphernalia charge through Edmonson County, and DTF expects to charge him in Barren County with the felony of cultivating more than five marijuana plants and possession of marijuana, though they have not yet. He was taken to Grayson County jail where detectives say he was released on an unspecified bond. The investigation in regards to the full amount of marijuana being cultivated is ongoing.

The name of the suspect is not being released by the task force at this time.

This is the first indoor marijuana growing find of 2010. But marijuana growth finds were higher than recent years during 2009.

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