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November 8, 2013

Glasgow Fire Department celebrates firefighter promotions, graduations

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — Glasgow Fire Department Chief Tony Atwood and Glasgow Mayor Rhonda Riherd Trautman shared stories about new firefighters Justin Wells and Katan Parker during the Promotion and Graduation Ceremony on Friday.

Atwood said rookies receive nickname at the GFD.

Well's nickname is Sneezy.  

“He carries a little rag with him because he's got to wipe his nose at least 30 times a day,” Atwood joked. “At least. We actually thought he wasn't going to make it as a fireman because we thought he was allergic to his mask … Every time he put his mask on, snot goes rollin'. He's wheezin'.”

Parker's nickname is Fonzi.

“Young kids might not understand Fonzi, but for us older people we understand,” Atwood said.  Kaden has been all about the thumb for several weeks ...”

Trautman said she never knows what to expect when she's at work.

“I came into work weeks ago, real early, and these two guys and two others were training,” Trautman said, laughing. “They were going down Main Street dressed in black with their breathing apparatuses on and tanks on their backs. And they’re just going at it. I thought, 'Well, that's good, they are out here early.' By the time I got to city hall, we got a report of four terrorists ... Well, I was like, 'This has to be these guys.' We had a bunch of reports, 15 to 20 phone calls about there being terrorists with gas masks.

Atwood said he was glad to have Wells and Parker on the team.

“Justin starts tomorrow and Kaden works Sunday,” Atwood said, smiling. “So, it's going to be great to have two new guys on the fire department. I hope they feel like they are part of the brotherhood. I'm honored to have these two rookies here with me tonight.”


• Brian Marr promoted to Assistant Chief

• Brian Shirley promoted to Battalion Chief

• Kevin Jandt promoted to Captain

• Cary Proffitt promoted to Lieutenant

• Adam Maulden promoted to Lieutenant

• Jason Thomas promoted to Sergeant

• Lucas Tinsley promoted to Sergeant

• Ryan Gibson promoted to Inspector

• Corey Buford promoted to Inspector

• Chris Blythe promoted to Inspector

–  Justin Wells graduation as a new firefighter

– Katan Parker graduation as a new firefighter

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