Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

November 29, 2013

Think safety for the holiday

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — There may be extra precautions individuals need to take during the holiday season, said Mike Houchens, public information officer at the Barren County Sheriff’s office.

“People need to make sure they obey all traffic regulations, laws, speed limits,” Houchens said. “Wear seat belts and be vigilant of other drivers. Be prepared for any type of inclement weather ... If they’re going over a long distance, make sure they put some blankets or some water in their truck so they can be prepared if something happened, like a break down or something, so they can keep warm until a tow truck or first responders could get there.”

Tony Atwood, Glasgow Fire chief said he suggests that people need to have their tree dipped.

“I don’t know if most people have never seen a pine tree or a cedar tree on fire, but they burn really fast and they dry out fairly easily,” Atwood said. “Most people like to get their Christmas tree and have it up at least a couple of weeks. [So getting their tree dipped] is one of those things we like to see them do.”

Extension cords can cause problems, Atwood said.

“One thing we try to guard people against is actually using extension cords, especially inexpensive extension cords because they can get overloaded,” Atwood said. “People can put way too many lights and plug them into a really cheap extension cord and it can definitely cause it to overheat and cause a fire. If you need to work multiples, we suggest getting one of the circuit breaker power strips and using that. That at least affords you a little bit of protection.”

The GFD responds to several fires caused by candles each year, so candle safety is very important, Atwood said.

“If you light a candle that is not in a glass will actually melt down and can start a fire,” Atwood said. “We suggest you get a container to hold your candles. If you buy one that’s not in a glass container, put it in one. And before you go to bed at night or before you leave home, make sure you blow those out. We just want everyone to be very safe during the holiday season.”

Mike Swift, director of Barren-Metcalfe Emergency Medical Services said to be cautious about decorations and ornaments, especially for those who have kids.

“If you have small children, make sure the decorations and things like that aren’t that small so they won’t choke on them,” Swift said.

Swift said to be cautious about wiring.

“Be careful in placing the wiring and things like that so you won’t puncture the wiring with nails or whatever fasteners that you’re using, or it can cause a fire,” Swift said. “Be very vigilant about Christmas lighting and things like that.”

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