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October 18, 2012

Paul says debt problem overrides other issues

GLASGOW — U.S. Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., claimed the title of the first U.S. senator to visit the Western Kentucky University Glasgow campus on Thursday, as part of a string of appearances with local students and community members. Paul spoke to a WKU class, a group of North Jackson Elementary students, a community roundtable of business owners and community leaders, Rotary Club and T.J. Samson Community Hospital employees while he was in town.

A fervent Tea Party member, Paul’s primary message to community members was that the nation’s debt is its biggest problem, and he used the debt throughout his talks to explain why he thinks government should be limited.

Paul led his talk with WKU students by asking three questions: what is the difference between a republic and a democracy; what is the difference between positive and negative rights; and why is government a “necessary evil,” as Thomas Paine called it.

“In reality, we really aren’t a democracy,” Paul said. “And I’d like to say, I don’t want us to be a democracy.”

The U.S. is more of a constitutional republic, Paul said. In a republic, every citizen has basic inalienable rights. In a democracy, the majority rules no matter what. If America was a true democracy, than 51 percent of the population could decide no one was allowed to own a gun, according to Paul’s explanation.

“What we are and what we were intended to be is a constitutional republic,” Paul said.

The Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution to protect the people, Paul said. People are meant to restrain government through the Constitution, not have the government use the Constitution to restrain the people.


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