Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

November 2, 2012

The unpaid job no one wants in Monroe County

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — No one is seeking election as county surveyor in Monroe County, yet the position is on the ballot.

Because the seat is vacant, it must appear on the ballot. One reason why no one is pursuing the office is because it is not a paid position, according to officials with the Monroe County Clerk's office.

Jason Hagan ran for the office in 2006 and served a four-year term but chose not to seek re-election.

“I was wanting to get my name out as a licensed surveyor for Monroe County,” Hagan said. “At the time, I hadn't had my license very long and I wanted to use it as a marketing tool.”

Others have served as county surveyor in Monroe County, but Hagan was the last person to seek the office.

“The position used to be very prestigious,” said Hagan, adding that with the number of licensed land surveyors in each county and the fact it is not a paid position people aren't as interested in it as they once were. “You don't really benefit from having it nowadays. It's not a valued position to have now.”

Hagan did gain some work while serving as Monroe County's county surveyor.

“I did do the surveying for the justice center that was built here in town,” he said.

Because Hagan opted not to seek re-election in 2011, the position remained vacant. The county judge-executive has the authority to appoint someone to serve as county surveyor, but didn't.

“I could have,” said Tommy Willett, county judge-executive for Monroe County, but added he did not know that was one of the positions for which he could appoint someone.

Since no one is seeking election to the county surveyor's position on Tuesday, Willett will have the authority to appoint someone to serve as county surveyor in January.

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