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December 10, 2013

Board hears from Mudd, Greer

Highland teachers preparing students for K-Prep, district receives clean audit report

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — During the Glasgow School Board meeting on Monday, school board chairman Elaine Richardson told Highland Elementary school principal Sharon Mudd about an article that explained how two elementary schools in Kentucky greatly improved their test scores.

“There was a really good article [in Kentucky School Advocate] about two elementary schools ... and both of those schools were in single-digit percentiles [for K-Prep test scores],” Richardson said to Mudd. “The year before, both of them were doing many of the same things [Mudd is] talking about doing. They had improved their percentiles to in the 80s. There was just a huge, significant change.”

Mudd said she would like a copy of the article to give to the teachers.

“They would appreciate the encouragement, I know,” Mudd said.

Mudd said the teachers at High land are giving assessments to the students to help them prepare for the yearly K-Prep exam.

“We have a schedule for administering K-Prep-like common assessments from now to the end of the school year ... ,” Mudd said during the meeting. “We’ll be doing one this week, this Thursday, and then we’ll do them every other week until maybe I think the end of March, we’ll start doing them weekly, just for the practice.”

Mudd said students are participating in activities to build their reading stamina.

“One of the issues we notice is that students give up too easily,” Mudd said. “Whether they’re struggling with the passage or their just too busy, they just want to get it done. Sometimes they just don’t read the question or they’ve read it, but if it’s a two- or three-part question, they don’t always go back and make sure all the parts have been answered, so we’re playing close attention to that.”

Mudd said the pupils aren’t just building up their reading and writing skills.

“Students are also participating in a math challenge,” Mudd said. “For the older [students], they’re working on their multiplication facts, for the younger [students] they’re working on addition, subtraction facts.”

Mudd said she is going to ask teachers for an update on how the students are performing.

“I’ve asked the teachers to before they leave for Christmas to just give me an educated guess on where [they] think [their] students are..., Mudd said. “So we can kind of have a pulse on what’s happening.”

Also during the meeting, Cindy Greer from Campbell, Myers and Rutledge accounting firm presented the school and district audit report for the past year, which ended in June. Greer said the audit report came out clean.

Richardson said she was pleased to receive a good audit report.

“There were no deficiencies found in the internal controls and all of that sort of thing,” Richardson said after the meeting. “That tells us that our finance officer is doing a wonderful job of keeping up with the finances. We try to do things the right way, and apparently we are succeeding in that, at least as far as the auditor can tell. As far as stating what the fiscal position of the district is that really doesn’t give us a lot of information about that.”

In other news, superintendent Sean Howard’s contract will end at the end of June.

“The contracts typically run from July 1 to June 30,” Richardson said. “On the 30th of June, Mr. Howard will have been here for four years and typically, school boards will start to negotiate the terms of the new contract midyear of the last year of the contract, so that’s what we’re in the process of doing.”

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