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May 7, 2013

12:35 AFTERNOON UPDATE: FBI agent testimony continues in BCSO trial



Brian Butler, counsel for Guffey, also asked Brown about some of his evidence-collecting techniques. When a private citizen, church deacon Kelly Billingsley, reported a bloody glove at the scene of Stinnett’s arrest to Brown, the FBI agent chose to give Billingsley telephonic instructions about how to collect the glove for evidence. Brown could have asked any Louisville or Bowling Green FBI agent or a Kentucky State Trooper to go to Glasgow to collect the glove, Butler said, but he chose not to.

“It was securing the evidence the quickest way possible,” Brown told Butler.

Brown testified that he instructed Billingsley to put the glove in a paper bag, but Billingsley testified last week in trial that he put the glove in a plastic bag when he collected it. A plastic bag is not the proper way to collect bloody fabric, Brown confirmed.

When it came time to present the evidence to a federal grand jury in February 2012 and seek an indictment, Brown was the one to summarize the evidence for the grand jury.

He was summarizing information they had already heard in previous testimonies, Brown said. However, despite seeking an indictment that day, Butler said that Brown was the one to decide which evidence to present, and he neglected to include some facts. All the church eye witnesses described officers in brown uniforms, Butler said, and the government has used a photo from Feb. 24, 2010, several times during trial to show Guffey in a brown coat, asking witnesses if his brown coat could have blended in with the brown uniforms. However, Brown’s notes from his first interview with Guffey state that Guffey said he took his black bulletproof vest off after the arrest, Butler said, and another photograph from the scene shows Guffey’s shoulders clad in black, not brown. Brown confirmed that he did not tell the grand jury that Guffey described himself as wearing a black vest at the time of Stinnett’s arrest, or that some of the eye witnesses said some people left the scene after Stinnett was handcuffed and no one said Guffey himself ever hit Stinnett.

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