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June 26, 2012

Motion filed in Eaton case

Defense wants to limit blood evidence

GLASGOW — A motion filed in the federal case involving the Barren County Sheriff and three of his deputies spelled out some of the actions that allegedly happened during the time of the arrest of Billy Randall Stinnett and calls into question reports of blood found at the scene.

J. Guthrie True, attorney for Sheriff Chris Eaton, filed a motion in limine, meaning a motion to limit or exclude testimony, on Monday. In this case, the motion was to exclude testimony from a forensic analyst about bloodstain pattern analysis, blood spatter and similar evidence collected from the crime scene in the deprivation of rights Eaton and deputies Aaron Bennett, Adam Minor and Eric Guffey are accused of committing in the federal case.

“The government has produced in discovery two reports of forensic laboratory examinations conducted by the Central Laboratory Branch of the Kentucky State Police,” the motion states. “Both reports relate to bloodstain pattern analysis or blood spatter, however, neither report indicates that any of the alleged ‘stains’ analyzed were in fact blood.”

The forensic evidence stems from the arrest of Billy Randall Stinnett in February 2010, in which members of the Barren County Sheriff’s Office, the Glasgow Police Department and other law enforcement pursued Stinnett, who was driving a rented minivan with a mobile methamphetamine lab in the back, Stinnett admitted to having the lab  in the vehicle in a later deposition, also telling investigators he was high at the time of the chase and his arrest. The pursuit went through three counties before ending when Stinnett crashed the vehicle into a worship center at the end of East Cherry Street in Glasgow.

In a memorandum supporting the motion, True, describes the arrest and prosecution of Stinnett. In it, True’s motion states Eaton was the first to reach Stinnett and “found himself mano-a-mano” with Stinnett in a confined area between the church center and the church itself.

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