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November 2, 2009

Does the full moon really have an impact?

GLASGOW — Many believe the moon’s phases, specifically the full moon, affects people’s behavior.

The effect it supposedly has on human behavior varies.

Some say it is negative and that crime rates increase when the moon is full.

Tompkinsville Police Chief Dale Ford thinks there is a correlation between moon phases and crime rates.

“I’ve always been a firm believer that when the moon changes so do people,” he said, adding the types of crime that seems to be on the increase the most when the moon phases change are domestic violence cases.

Some officers with the Glasgow Police Department also think there is a relationship between the moon’s phases and crime.

“I haven’t personally noticed that,” said Lt. Col. Kent Keen, public information officer for the police department. “We have some people who say they have.”

Keen researched the number of people arrested by the department’s officers on days when the moon is full from January to October and did not see an indication that the full moon has an effect on crime rates. Only four dates had a high number of arrests. On March 11 and April 9 there were six arrests. On July 7 there were seven arrests, and on Sept. 4 there were 13 arrests. He noted those totals include the number of people arrested on warrants.

Some believe hospital emergency rooms are busier and that more babies are born when the moon is full.

Bart Logsdon, a spokesman for T.J. Samson Community Hospital, checked with hospital personnel who work in the emergency room about possible increased activity during a full moon. He said they haven’t noticed being any busier when the moon is full compared to any other time.

“However, people on OB (obstetrics) do say that there is an increase in pregnant women coming to deliver during a full moon,” he said.

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