Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

February 19, 2013

Mock plane crash planned

Glasgow Daily Times


A mock plane crash has been planned for Friday, but probably no one will know when it happens.

The simulation is a tabletop exercise designed to help first responders determine how best to react should such a disaster occur.

Because it is a tabletop exercise, there will be no emergency vehicles rushing to a crash scene. Instead, first  responders and others who would normally respond to such an incident will convene at the South Central Bank Operations Center on L. Rogers Wells Boulevard.

The idea to hold a mock plane crash came about after several members of the Glasgow Airport Board attended a Kentucky Aviation Association Convention.

“During one of our seminars it was suggested that we do that — the whole state do that,” said Fred Miller, vice chairman of the airport board.

Airport board members began planning the event in September 2012.

“It’s taken this long to get it done,” Miller said.

Officials with the Federal Aviation Administration from Louisville will be on hand Friday to begin the process.

“They are calling it the anatomy of a plane crash,” Miller said. “The scenario is that a commuter jet [that is going] from, this is all made up, going from Cleveland to Nashville … gets into the general vicinity of Glasgow and loses both engines.”

Air traffic control advises the plane to land at Glasgow, because the runway at Moore Field is big enough for a commuter jet to land. The runway measures 5,300 feet.

“Hypothetically, it’s going to hit just short of the runway … and you’ve got resulting fire, injuries. What we are simulating are 50 passengers and a crew of four,” he said.

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