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February 4, 2014

Officials mull creation of new job

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — Park City commissioners are considering the creation of a maintenance/laborer position.

Commissioners discussed a job description for the position Monday night, but took no action to approve it.

The city currently contracts Nathan Monroe to perform maintenance work and mowing, but some commissioners suggest it would save the city money to hire someone to do the work rather than contracting it out.

“Right now, just in rough figures, it will save us around $3,000 to $4,000 a year,” said Mayor David Lyons, who wrote the job description and presented it to commissioners for review.

The city pays Monroe $15,860 a year for doing maintenance and $15,000 a year for mowing, according to Monroe’s contracts with the city.

To hire someone to do the work will cost the city less because the salary will be lower, Lyons said.

Commissioner Leon Higginbotham, however, believes it will cost Park City more to hire someone, because the city does not own the necessary equipment.

Commissioner Vonn Parsley said he’d like to see more information before he forms an opinion. He does think, meanwhile, that the frequency of some of the maintenance work could be adjusted in order to save money.

“Instead of once a week, it could have been done every 10 days or twice a week,” he said, referring to mowing work. “If we had plenty of money, we could mow every day.”

Mayor David Lyons said the cemetery is the main area he wants to be mowed often. Higginbotham agreed and noted that in early spring, the city’s park will also have to mowed frequently.

Lyons asked commissioners to let him work on some numbers and report back to them.   

Before discussing the job description, Lyons told commissioners that Monroe’s weekly hours have been cut from 20 to 10. Monroe has contracted with the city since 2008.

Monroe’s current maintenance contract expires April 30, while his mowing contract expires March 31. Monroe previously was employed by Park City from 2003 to 2005 to do similar work.

Monroe supports the idea of hiring someone to do maintenance and mowing.

“I think it’s a benefit to the city as long as they get a qualified applicant,” he said, adding he intends to apply for the job if the commission chooses to go that route.

In discussing the maintenance report, Higginbotham questioned the type of training Monroe had taken recently. Lyons said Monroe had undergone training to learn how to drive the fire truck for the city.

“That’s not right,” Higginbotham said. “Insurance should not cover him. He’s not an active member of the fire department.”

Higginbotham continued to complain about Monroe; specifically the amount of hours he submits to the commission for approval and the type of work he does.

Lyons asked Parsley to set up a meeting with Monroe.

On Tuesday, Monroe said Higginbotham has never questioned him personally about his work and that his complaints are “strictly based on assumptions.”

Monroe also pointed out Higginbotham is not a member of the commission’s maintenance committee, but that commissioners Melody Ray and Parsley are. He said he has never had any problems with Ray or Parsley.

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