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April 30, 2013

12:55 AFTERNOON UPDATE: Attorneys make opening arguments in BCSO case



As defense attorneys of individual clients facing individual charges, Guthrie, Butler and Alexander took turns poking holes in the government's case and the FBI's investigative process as a whole, but also reminding the jury that their client didn't necessarily do the same thing as another defendant or witness. Guffey, Butler argued, was not in a brown uniform like officers described by the teenage witnesses, and after handcuffing Stinnett, Guffey left the immediate scene to try to move his truck. Neither Guffey nor Bennett were carrying an asp baton, both their attorneys said, so they could not be responsible for the baton marks on Stinnett's body.

Initially facing off against Stinnett one-on-one, Eaton was scared and only used the force he considered necessary to subdue a dangerous criminal, True said in his defense of Eaton's actions as a law enforcement officer.

Jurors have not yet seen any evidence in the case, as information and exhibits given by attorneys during opening arguments are not legally considered evidence. However, each defense attorney argued that at the end of the trial, the evidence will show that none of the defendants did anything outside their duties as law enforcement officers.

"The evidence is going to show that there was only one guilty party out there that day, and it was Billy Randall Stinnett," True said.

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