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September 21, 2013

Searching for something unusual

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Bobby and Madeline Ward and their 7-year-old son, Wil, combed the shoreline near the Bailey's Point boat dock Saturday morning, picking up trash.

They told us to look for something unusual,” Bobby said, as he stepped over large rocks, holding a trash bag.

The Wards, who traveled to Barren River Lake with members of Cub Scout Troop 868 on a bus from Shepherdsville, were among about 290 volunteers who turned out for the 26th annual Trashmasters Classic, a lakeshore clean-up event. It was the family's first visit to Barren River Lake.

They arrived at the campground Friday night amidst the rain. They soon learned their tent was not waterproof. Rain leaked in around the pole that supported their shelter, puddling on the ground.

We were sleeping in water,” Bobby said.

The rain had stopped by the time they boarded a pontoon boat Saturday morning for a short ride to a spot along the shore to pick up trash.

I found a shelf for our house,” said Madeline, as she held it up for Bobby to see. “That's unusual. Isn't it?”

A few moments later Bobby said, “I don't know what this is,” holding a small cylindrical item. “It says deodorant.”

Madeline found a fishing pole. Bobby found a wild mushroom growing on a dead tree trunk. Wil found old bottles and pieces of Styrofoam, but it was Bobby who found the turtle nestled in a pile of rocks near the water.

The turtle retreated inside its shell when Bobby picked it up. Wil extended his index finger to touch the edge of the turtle's shell. Bobby then put the turtle back near the pile of rocks.

The family discussed whether they could count the turtle as the unusual item they found, but discounted it because it wasn't trash.

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