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November 3, 2012

Glasgow City Council Candidates Respond



Q: What is the role of a city council member in conducting city business?

A: The council’s members are representatives of the people who elected them, the city of Glasgow. It is their job to get out and listen to their electorate, and represent them when setting policy for the city. While not expected to be a puppet of the mayor, or vice versa, they should be expected to create a positive working environment and one of cooperation to promote the common good of the citizens of Glasgow.

Q: Are the actions of committees more/less important than the actions of city council as a whole?

A: I don’t see committees as being more OR less important than the actions of the council as a whole. The committees report to the council, but the council acts on committees recommendations. In that sense, neither can be viewed as more or less important than the other as they are both dependent on each other.

Q: Should committee minutes and actions be posted on the city website?

A: There are no absolutes in life, except that there are no absolutes. in other words, it would be foolish to say that all committee meetings and actions be public postings. There are, in every level of government, activities and actions that may need to be held in closer confidence than the internet offers as releasing the information may lead to a disadvantage in reaching a greater goal.

Q: Should city department heads be required to give in-person quarterly reports to a full council?

A: I feel it is reasonable to expect a department head to be held accountable for the actions of their employees. Whether this is quarterly, semi-annually, or annually is something I would need to study more to say definitively.

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